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Addons for a specific license are ordered from the following page: https://billing.1-stream.com/whmcs/cart.php?gid=addons .

After successful order, the relevant Downloads will be available on the Manage License page.



Make sure to have SSH Password set in Panel for all servers.

Navigate to Addons.

Use the form to upload the plugin file from your computer and click Install.


After successful installation, the plugin will be listed with it's version number in the table below.

The License Details message is displayed to show the Addons activated for the license.

In case the Addon is not Active in the license, it is normal not to be listed in the table after install.


Load Balancers

After installation of a new LB, it is required to reinstall the plugins, otherwise, they will not be available in the LB.



An update is performed the same way as installation using the latest Download file.

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