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With this tutorial, you will be easy install your Statistics Plugin in no time.

1. Download the plugin from your client area and upload it to the panel


2. Go to Settings > Statistics Settings


3. First you need to install Elasticsearch on a server. In order to do that, the server has to meet the flowing requirements : 

  •     Never install it on the main server or existing LB with streams or vods on it (The main reason behind this is the nginx version that installs is different from the one that the main or lb use and the configuration files are conflicting with each other)

       Install it on a new clean server with Ubuntu 18 or 20

4. After you started the installation, wait a few minutes, and then you can enable Log Security or Log Line Activity, or both. Depending on what you wish to use.

Placing them on yes will need to run the Init command on the IP address that the elastic search has been installed:

5. After this is done, you will see that there are 2 additional options in the Statistics (Top 20 VODS and Top 20 Streams)

And on the logs, you will have an additional option  Line Activity Archive Log.

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