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This guide will walk you through of the process of setuping a remote backup in Dropbox.

First of all you will need active Dropbox account. If you don't have Dropbox registration go make one ( and return here.

1. Create Dropbox app

Visit Dropbox App Console and create new app

Picture with default app setup and example name.

Create Dropbox App




2. Get app key and app secret

Navigate to the app's settings and copy the app key and app secret.

App Key and App Secret




3. Give permissions for the app

Navigate to the app's permissions page and and check all boxes in the Files and folders section

Give permisions




4. Get app access code

After getting the App Key from step 2, you will have to get an app access code

To generate this code you will have to visit the link listed bellow

Replace `<YOUR_APP_KEY>` with your App Key from step 2.<YOUR_APP_KEY>&response_type=code&token_access_type=offline

When visiting this link there will be a warning and confirmation messages - click Continue then Allow, and the code will be generated



The Access Code is different from Access Token, that is generated from the app settings page

The Access Code is one time use and will expire after time - after generating the code enter it in the 1-Stream panel as soon as possible


Access code 1


Access Code 2


Access Code 3




5. Save Dropbox authentication data in the panel settings

After getting the Dropbox App Key, App Secret and Access Code, go to the backup settings of your 1-Stream panel and enter them in the web  form.

After saving the Access Code input should be removed and the Refresh Token input is populated with your auto generated refresh token

Save dropbox auth data




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