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With this quick and easy tutorial, you will be able to use our Billing addon on your WHMCS server: 

    1. Go to your client area and download the plugin

    2. Upload it on your WHMCS server / directory with SCP , WGET , FTP , etc.
    3. Once it's on the  / directory the whmcs_onestream_billing_v1.0.0.tar.gz , run the command below 

tar -C / -xvf whmcs_onestream_billing_v1.0.0.tar.gz && mv -t /var/www/html/whmcs/modules/servers /OnestreamResell/modules/servers/* && mv -t /var/www/html/whmcs/modules/addons /OnestreamResell/modules/addons/*

Where the /var/www/html/whmcs/modules/ is the directory modules are there.

This command will unzip the content directly to the: servers and addons folder in your WHMCS modules.

After its done, you are ready to go to the WHMCS part

    4. Go to the WHMCS > Apps and integration > Browse > Other

Or you can use the search tool for 1-stream and click on Activate

    5. System settings > Add-on modules > 1-stream reseller add-on > Configure

From there you can insert the WHMCS license key(The WHMCS license key is in your client area with us where you ordered the plugin ).

After the key is added, you can add the 1-stream panel URL and the 2 tokens that need to be generated in order to make a connection between the panel and the Billing add-on.

We have a tutorial for that that can help you generate these 2 tokens :

Billing Addon (3rd Party)

    6. After these steps are configured you can easily create the lines and users with our Billing Addon





If you need to send Welcome emails, you can use these values:

Domain: {$service_domain}
Username: {$service_username}
Password: {$service_password}
MAC: {$client_custom_field_MAC}
Reseller: {$client_custom_field_Reseller}


1-Stream Lines product:

Used to create/extend line/MAC with specific package.

In order to input username, you can setup custom field Username or MAC.

You can also charge additional connections with Config Option with names - Connections, Extra Connections, connections, extra_connections.


1-Stream Users product:

Used to create/credit resellers.

In order to input username, setup custom field Reseller.


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