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For performance reasons, the logging data has been deleted often in Panel.

In order to have historical data and present usage graphics, we have created the Statistics Plugin that let's you install a server for statistics (Elasticsearch) and send log data there.


The plugin is Work In Progress with the aim to collect more statistics in the future.



After installing the plugin, there shows a section Settings->Statistics.

First step is to install Elasticsearch on some server with the "Install On Selected Server" button.

Next step is to fill the IP in ELK Host and execute the init by "Run Init Command".


In version v1.0.0 of the plugin, Security Log and Line Activity Log are recorded in the Elasticsearch.

You can select if to log by choosing Yes/No.



After installation following menus are available:

Statistics -> Top 20 Streams (by Time Watched and by Viewers)

Statistics -> Top 20 VOD

Logs -> Security Archive Log

Logs -> Line Activity Archive Log



Next steps will be to record the Stream Stat Logs (available in Panel v1.1.18-2) and record admin/reseller actions on Create/Edit panel data.

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