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DB migration.

1-stream can migrate from services like NTX, Xui, xtreamui or any XC base panel.

You can migrate by 2 ways.

1. You can use our migration script and migrate your self.

2. Ask from the support team to migrate you.

Usually is better to do migration on a clean install.. however if you decide to use an existing install, 1-stream support team will wipe any tables in your database that it finds data for in your migration database. 

If you plan on installing load balancers without reinstalling the operating system on them, please ensure they're updated to Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 and clear them of any existing systems. You will find a tutorial for this on our forum written by another administrator.


Follow the next steps to migrate your self.

Upload your backup database to your  server via sftp. You can store it anywhere, for this example we'll assume /tmp/backup.sql

If you use our migration script to migrate your db then follow the steps from the tool we already provide you.

You will see an ongoing status of what is being migrated, once it has been completed you can log in to your system.


1-Stream migrate your panel.

First step is to ask migration by ticket and after our team book the next free day for migration you have to be prepared for the next steps.

1. Take backup from your previous panel software.

2. Installing the software.

3. Migrate your db.

4. Configuring the server above the need of our software.

5. Switch off your old software and we active our software.

6. If you have VODS we have to Encode them again which take time, if the VODS are symlink will take 1s per file but if they are pure file will take about 20-30 second for encoding. The encoding is done with queue and can scale if needed.

7. When all start you, confirm if all working normally. If you experience issues or have any concerns, let us know so that our team can resolve them.


Once you're logged in, please ensure you change your access code and user account if you have used the rescue tools to enter.

You will need to store again your ssh password to your Load balancers, and all streams have been stopped automatically. Your next step is to Install the load balancers and start your streams manually once you have confirmed everything has migrated properly. Check the Main Server to ensure the details are correct, add any domains or enable SSL if you require it.


Panel is not based on XC and some functions that you used there, may be missing or may have different way to work.

You can ask in ticket in case a feature is very important for you and you don't know if included.

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