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Installation script is tested on Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20.

For flawless production usage, Main Server minimum requirements are:

CPU: 8 core / 16 threads

Disk: SSD
Storage: 100GB available in root directory ( / )

Load Balancers do not have minimum requirements.


For Production use Server should be strong and reliable.

Note: Installation may take up to 5 mins, depending on network connectivity.



cd /
# Remove any old version of the script, if any
# Download the script
# Give permissions to exec
chmod +x
# Run the script and record output
./ |& tee install_main.log.txt

If you encounter issues during the installation process, do not hesitate to open a Support Ticket and attach the install_main.log.txt file.

Prompts during install process

Starting of version v1.0.82, installation process is simplified.
The passwords and default Panel Admin will be auto-generated.
Installation credentials will be saved in /credentials_(timestamp).txt.
Make sure to keep them safe.

At some point you will be asked to input:

  • Enter value for environment variable: APP_NAME

This is the name of your installation, it will be displayed here and there on the Panel.

  • Enter value for environment variable: LICENSE_KEY

This is the license key obtained from our billing system.

What is installed

The script does install
- PostgreSQL
- Nginx
- PHP 7.4 FPM
- Redis
- iptables
- Panel in /home/onestream/iptv

Old configurations, if present, will be backup-ed.

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