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Every failed auth attempt, line validation and others is registered in the System's Security Log.

Autoblock Addon provides a mechanism to automatically set IPs in the System's Blacklist IPs according to some rules.

First step is to set the Autoblocker to Enabled. You can also set Use iptables if you want it to generate iptables entries.

After that you can Enable/Disable some of the Rules. Currently we have 3 Sets of rules, but in the future will add more.

The button "Clear All Blocks (1)" indicates the IPs blocked by the Addon and let's you clear at once.
In case there is IPs that you trust and want to exclude them from blocking, you can add them in the Whitelist.

You can check all the blocks on the Blacklist Section.

In case you feel more comfortable with console, there is command line utility to list and clear blocks.

php artisan autoblock:list
php artisan autoblock:clear all
// to clear a specific block by ID
php artisan autoblock:clear single 5ba62967-05ca-4ed8-ae4c-46dfe934197e

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