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The purpose of the Proxy Addon is to provide a bridge between client and server and to hide system's actual IPs.

There is multiple ways to make use of the Addon.


Case 1

"1 Proxy in front of All Servers"

The usual case is if you are willing to direct clients from same geo location to a specific set of Proxy servers, located closer to their area.

For the example we will use Portugal.

Your system may be deployed in Germany, but you like to have some better connectivity for your clients in Portugal by providing a middleware.

To achieve this, first you need to create a Proxy Group named "Portugal".

To this Proxy Group you can link multiple Lines and multiple Proxies.

So when a Line is to watch a stream, its communication will be directed to a random Online Proxy server, selected from the Proxies linked to its Proxy Groups.

On the Live Connections listings, it is shown the proxy that is being used.

Proxy servers themselves do not need to be as powerful as LBs, because they are not actually running streams.
You can also add or remove proxies in the Groups any time.

We also support the option for resellers to create their own Proxies and Proxy Groups for use with their clients.


Case 2

"1 Proxy in front of 1 Server"

You may want to setup a regular reverse proxy to hide a specific server.

For example to provide different IPs of reseller panel.

In the case, you can create a proxy specifically for the Main Server.


Case 3

"Create Entry Point / Distributor to balance API requests"

In case your system is about to have more traffic, it is not practical to have all requests for Xcode/Stalker/M3U served from the Main Server.

We do provide the option to create Entry Point to balance the load between multiple Servers.

After creating the Entry Point, you can set it in the "Manage Distributor" section.

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